ShowBox Help Questions and Answers

ShowBox Errors and How to Fix them

After the installation of the showbox you will be able to watch various movies, videos and TV shows freely but there are times when you encounter an error. Let me help you with that.

The best fix:

If you are experience undefined error the best solution is that uninstall your current showbox application and download and install the latest version of from the download section.

  • Showbox Video Not Available Now:

Answer: If you are unable to view videos, there are times that the server is under the maintenance. Developers are advised to update servers on regular basis so that users will get access to new services. As soon as server issues are fixed, you will be able to stream video again.

  • Showbox App Stopped Working

Answer: If you are unable to play movies after the installation of a new update, may be the movie file is has been corrupt due to the update process. Hence, you should download the movie again.

  • Why Wont Showbox Work on My Phone

Answer: Showbox is only available on various phone types and android versions for android make sure you have the latest updated firmware. The latest your phone is the perfect showbox will work.

  • Showbox File Location

Answer: For android showbox is located on applications>applications manager>and find showbox.

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