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Movie streaming has reached new heights with the introduction of mobile phones. However, watching movies using your android or ios smartphone can be pain in the a$$. Worry no more! We’ve got you covered – Introducinh Showbox – is a free app that let’s you watch and download movies and TV Series straight from your mobile device!

Turn any place into your personal theatre with Showbox movies for PC!

2016 has been an eventful year for the movie industry. With box-office hits like Suicide Squad and Now You See Me 2, as well as, movies that won critical accolades like La La Land and The Girl on the Train being equally successful, there was a little something for everyone. 2017 has only just begun but it looks equally just as promising as its predecessor with movies like Fifty Shades Darker and Logan lined up. This year is going to prove especially significant for the action and superhero movie franchises with a number of promising films like Ghost in the Shell and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 scheduled for release sometime this year. To watch all these movies and more, you can download movies on your pc to watch these and more from our vast collection at Showbox movies. The Showbox pc app is a great way to help you watch movies on demand at the comfort of your own home, free from the clutches of virtual evils like buffering and piracy concerns. It is made sure that the movies are of excellent quality so you feel nothing short of being at a posh theatre while experiencing Showbox movie downloader.

Watch High-Definition Movies 100% FREE

As you go for Showbox App Download, you can watch movies online. On the other hand, movies can be downloaded into your mobile phone and they can be watched as per your convenience.

One of the reasons why people are slowly, but surely, starting to shun the more popular public websites and apps that allow its users to view videos and other recorded visual content is due to the extremely poor quality of these videos. They are hazy and blurred, not to mention that they take almost forever to load and then stop almost immediately after a few seconds. The sound quality is also sometimes not good enough to provide the viewer with an excellent experience. Even if one of these sites somehow does manage to up the resolution of their videos and make the sound quality at par, it will only cater to short videos that fall under the 5-minute category. Movies that are typically hours-long, are a whole other ordeal and will take a very long time to load and even then, there are so many uploaders of the same content, it will take you a long time to find what’s best.

The developers paid special attention in offering a simple and user-friendly interface. The novice will also be able to choose a movie of his choice and it can be played easily. There is about 10,000 movies library accessible with the app. The library will be updated on a regular basis. You can find movies being categorized with shows and updates.

How to get showbox app?

Get the version base on your platform! Available on Android, iOS and PC versions.

You can manage the app on iOS based devices as well. As you choose showbox for ios download we included the installation process so you can successfully install the app without having issues. After the installation you should see the showbox icon displayed on the homescreen.

Now, tap it and start watching you favorite movies and TV Series using the app. Watch in HD and Standard quality, well that depends on how fast your internet connection though. Anyway, you can read the full instructions on how to install each app base on platform on each page linked above.

Who are Using Showbox?

Note that we are the only legit showbox app website, our app has been downloaded over a million of times base on our download counter our popularity has been increasing in great pace over the past two consecutive years! We have ungone tremendous and constant updates just to cope with the latest technology trends on mobile.

Running Showbox on PC

If you want to download and run ShowBox app on your PC, we can help you with that. Simply install Android emulators like BlueStacks and KOPlayer which can be downloaded both for FREE. In this process, a virtual android OS will be installed on your Desktop PC and that is how you get showbox on pc. 

Is showbox safe to download?

Downloading showbox on your Android or iOS based phone is safe. The app can be installed on Mac OS as well. If you would like to install Bluestacks on your pc or Mac, you should link it with the Gmail account.

If the installation is complete, you will find Bluestack homepage and you will get suggestion for apps. After the installation of Bluestack, you can search for showbox app by searching it on the search bar. You can find the showbox icon and it can be clicked to start download and installation of the file. After successful Showbox App Download, you can start using the app.

ShowBox Errors and How to Fix them.

Sometimes errors are inevitable so we included section where you can find the answers to the errors you are experiencing.

Errors like: