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Showbox for iPhone

Who tells that Showbox is only limited for Android devices? Now, watch and stream movies and TV Series using your own beloved so expensive iPhone smartphone! Access hundreds of movies in the convenience of your own smartphone.

What is Showbox?

You can spend day and night looking for Showbox, and you will get nothing. Instead, you will get Movie box. If you are hoping to get the authorized version of the app for your Apple phone, you will be disappointed to hear that it is not there. Regrettably, people are unable to take the authorized version of the app as it has been detached from iOS platform. The good news is that you can get it is a new name. It is the Movie Box. You can have this on your iPhone or any other Apple devices.

What is Movie box?

MovieBox is the iOS version of Showbox is the easiest and most comfortable way to watch TV Shows and movies for free of cost that too without any limit. There is no time limit or other restrictions; the user just has to install the app. You do not have to spend hours searching for TV shows or movies on the browser. They are mostly broken links or spams. That is why Movie box will save you from all the trouble

Here are some reasons why should have this on your iPhone. First of all, it is convenient, and you can watch them anytime you want. Secondly, the app has a lot of features, and there are many options for you to select. You can sort according to rating, release date, and category.

Here is How You Can Download ShowBox in on Your iPhone

  • To have the app on your Apple device, you need another additional software to act as the base. Search for “movie box apk” using Safari. But you will not only need MovieBox to get showbox running you may need addition software to get everything working.
  • Download and Install the software vShare (Unjailbroken one) download here.
  • When you run it for the first time, click on TRUST.
  • In the search bar, type Movie Box and you’ll get the app.
  • Install it and after opening it, hit Trust once again.
  • That’s all; now you’re all set to go with it.


If you encounter problems please go to the help section.

  • If there is a problem, clear the cache of the app
  • When the problem persists, turn off your iPhone and wait few seconds before turning it on again. Restarting the phone should solve the issue
  • There are many versions of the app as well as the iOS. Find out which one matches to your phone and download that. It can happen that failing to choose the appropriate version that goes with your device resulted in the failure of the installation or operation.

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  1. Please fix loading error.. some movies keeps appearing on it… i need to refresh like 3 times before i can watch a movie.. thanks

  2. Why is the movie “Dunkirk” not available?I’m searching through the new releases and it’s not there. Will it be added in the future?

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